Excavating the roots....

59 years ago my parents built a home and today is the last day our family will be the stewards of this land and create memories within these walls. I’ve primarily dedicated the last few days to gently convincing the peonies, that my mother planted 59 years ago, to let go and join us in our next chapter. These peonies were 50 years old when my mother brought them to this soil. Peonies do not like being moved…kind of a lot like my mother. Oh, and my mother cherishes these peonies!

So, for the past few days these 109 year old tubers and I have intimately been engaged with disengaging. Gently striving to uproot…..both them and my mother. Who decided to sell her home quite a few months ago but now, when it’s really happening, a whole new level of reality is awakened. And my mother, who is 85 has never sold a home before, and never lived anywhere except the Pittsburgh area.

As I’ve hunched, and hovered, over these dormant stalks and their roots which are quite connected with rocks and clay…I’ve had lots of time to root through my memories. The good, the not so good all interwoven in my mind and in this landscape.

Over the hours I’ve cherished being out of the chaos of the inside of the house. Out in my childhood yard I find peace, just as I did so often in my childhood.

I continue to be in awe with how often our outer world is so congruent and reflective of our inner world. I miss having gardens and a home to work in and experience those opportunities of parallel realities. Soon this will all manifest.

For I too am embarking on a whole new chapter. This time here in Pittsburgh is the next to the last leg of an over 5,000 mile journey that began just one month ago. I had so hoped to blog along the way, instead of backtracking. Fortunately, I did journal on the spectacular places we experienced on our cross country journey and I am look forward to reliving them through sharing.

Though now in the present, I have one more day of driving and this time my van is filled with peonies, tree peonies, thyme, lily of the valley and bee balm. And given that they are pretty much all in peat moss…it should be a “fragrant” journey up through Michigan.

Until then… please stay tuned for some beautiful photographs of our magnificent country.
With light, joy and peace.