The Leap....

The last time I blogged I shared about my grasshopper messenger. And, here I am finally taking the leap of faith that I know I've been being nudged to do for quite some time. Two days ago I drove out of north county San Diego toward a new chapter of my life.

I arrived in Southern California almost exactly 12 years ago, with no plans to live here. By design of fate I pulled off the freeway, because of traffic, on a journey back to New York with plans to camp there for one night in Encinitas.....Well, the Hotel California effect went into effect.

It began with experiencing the Red Tide. If you haven't ever seen the Red Tide please go to You Tube and search Loghan Call Red Tide. He brilliantly captured the phenomena seven years later that captured my heart and anchored me into Encinitas. Never having heard of the Red Tide or seeing anything as magical....I was intrigued and certain it was a "sign" invitation to stay in Encinitas. After seeing the tide that night and exploring the magic of Encinitas by day I signed up for a 6 month lease....

Now, it's time, it appears to experience a new region of the country. I have no idea what it will be like to live in a part of the country that has seasons again, but I'm excited! I'm fueled with gratitude and oh so many wonderous memories of life here in southern California. An unexpected chapter that was filled with beautiful people, beach walks, gratifying work and flowers.

Encinitas I came to learn, many months after I moved there, is the flower capitol of our country. My photo library is bursting with thousands of images that I will carry with me. Thank goodness for digital files.

Currently, I am in LA waiting for my older son Auston to finish up work and then he and I will take off together to begin my journey toward Michigan....the city of Traverse City in the lower peninsula. Auston will be traveling with me most of the way as we camp across the US. We've never been to Montana, and I've never taken the northern route across our country.

We plan to begin tomorrow. I'll do the best I can with balancing being in Nature and staying somewhat connected.... at least on occasion. Please check back and leave me messages thru my blog.

May the new journey....the pilgrimage toward home.....begin.