Winter wonders...

It’s challenging to realize once again how much time has slipped by since I’ve contributed to my blog. My apologies for anyone who has still been wondering how life is in Michigan. This journey to the northern lower peninsula of Michigan that no one could believe I would want to do.

My first winter after twelve years in southern California has been steeped in beautiful, gentle and reflective moments. I had forgotten how walking outside when temperatures are in the teens, or twenties for that matter, truly wakes you up. My attention and awarenesses are immediately enlivened and present. The fresh air, especially near the lakes, is filled with chi and my cells welcome an effervescent experience.

I have to admit that as the ice formations on the shores of Lake Michigan begin to melt once again, I notice I’ll miss this diversity. The changes, this time of year especially, on a daily basis are truly breath giving. I wake up excited to walk down to the shore to see what has happened over night. I feel very blessed to have this time right on Lake Michigan.

I’m certain though that when the water is warm and I can go in again…I’ll have new cause for enthusiasm. Especially when my kayak goes with me. Tomorrow will officially bring the first day of Spring and I figured it was high time I share some winter wonder. I have posted some of these photos on FB too.

Some of the most radical changes over these photos actually happened overnight. When the temperatures drop below freezing and the wind gusts, the amount of ice that forms is unreal. One day you can walk to the shore and right into the water, and then…wake up the next morning and the shoreline is twelve feet further away.

Not only will the shoreline be extended but the mounds of ice can rise over eight feet tall. It truly is remarkable as it’s often mostly little balls of ice, water that has splashed over and over and over all night long…

The circular patterns within the ice, like perfect circles are astounding. Apparently, there is an American Stonehenge underneath Lake Michigan…..must be some pretty amazing vibes making magic happen. Lake Michigan has a reputation similar to the Bermuda Triangle…they call it the Michigan Triangle! When you have time on your hands there are some cool videos about it.

Anyway, the juxtaposition of sand and snow still looks a bit foreign to me, maybe by next winter I’ll get accustomed to this arrangement. I find myself wishing I had more science background to have some knowledge as to how in the world these beautiful things are created. Why some ice is crystal clear, others totally opaque, and some are intricate lacy forms like flora and fauna occur, beside other perfect columns. My wonderment and reverence for Nature is continually expanded.

I hope you enjoy the photos. I’d love to hear your comments. And, I hope wherever you are that you’ve enjoyed winter and look forward to welcoming new beginnings in your life.

Joyous blessings to you…Happy Equinox!