Yoga In Bed makes it fun, simple, and easy

to maintain a healthy lifestyle!


Yoga In Bed is a practical beginners guide that safely and gently introduces you to the time-honored practice of Yoga without having to leave your home. With this book, there are no tights to wear, class to find, or parking spot to manifest — you have everything you need. Before your feet even touch the floor, you get your day off to a healthy beginning. A valuable tool for hospitals, assisted living facilities and for people recovering from accidents and illnesses.

Yoga In Bed is an attainable and maintainable exercise routine presented in an easy-to-use ring-bound format with clear photographs of every stretch. As a certified, advanced yoga teacher, I experienced many students over the years asking me to recommend a book that was easy to use. I couldn’t find one, so I wrote it myself. Knowing the inherent healing of Nature I infused inspiring photos from my gardens.

More than simply an instructional exercise book, Yoga In Bed provides guidelines about nutrition, breathing and relaxation exercises, and lifestyle changes that bring increased vitality, clear thinking and emotional stability to your life. For me, it is important to include the essential lifestyle elements that can support your success in creating health and happiness.

This book is a great gift for yourself as you start making healthy changes in your life, or for anyone starting a gentle practice.

The second edition of Yoga In Bed includes a free DVD with the poses demonstrated outdoors. Enjoy the tranquil setting as you imagine yourself being outdoors. Inspiring quotes and exquisite nature footage elevate the practice. Each chapter can be watched individually. The practice is slowed down to enable students to develop their breathing and harmonize their stretching.

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Praise for Yoga in Bed

Call’s approach is gentle...the semi-concealed spiral binding means the book opens easily in bed...some parts of the practice have as many as five to seven photos making it easy to follow along....

-Felicia Tomasko, Editor in Chief of LA Yoga Magazine

This book has made a huge difference in my life. I was someone with good intentions about exercising and doing yoga in particular, but I could never organize the time or create the space in my life to act on my intentions. This book changed all that for me. Now I do 10-15 minutes of yoga each morning before I get out of bed, before I let anything else enter my thoughts. That's the key! There is no distraction and the yoga has become my priority. I never would have believed it. There are clear instructions and photos for the postures which make it easy to follow in the beginning. I also like the quotes and bits of poetry that help to inspire on a dreary day. Beautiful flower photos are a bonus.

-G. Strang NYC, NY

Naomi Sophia Call, Kripalu yoga teacher, healing arts practitioner, photographer, and inspirational writer, offers the readers of her book and viewers of her beautifully filmed DVD a very simple, easy-to-follow guide to beginning their day with 15 minutes of yoga stretches before even getting out of bed. In a beautifully laid-out pictorial, a lovely yoga student illustrates a series of breathing exercises, stretches, and asanas meant to be performed in bed.
Naomi herself is featured in her DVD, outdoors at the edge of a fabulous pool, to illustrate that her chosen poses can be done anywhere. Naomi is stunning and moves gracefully from one pose to the next. Her voice is extremely soothing and encouraging as she narrates each move. A brief history of yoga and the benefits that can be expected are surrounded by quotes from authors such as Lewis Carroll, Theodore Roosevelt, and Helen Keller, anchoring the ancient practice of yoga in the 21st century. Customers will find Yoga in Bed a great way to begin their day.
-Allyson Gracie, Gotham City Pilates, New York, NY

I love this book! The poses are easy to follow and descriptions are clear. One can use this book for many different reasons. As a great way to begin or end your day. I gave a copy of this book to my 81 year old mother, she can't stop telling me how wonderful she feels.....My daughter is doing Yoga In Bed with her newborn baby. Thank you... for this precious gift.

- K.Sprague  Lanesborough, MA

Yoga in Bed is available for purchase at Findhorn Press or Amazon

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