I met Naomi through her yoga class which is how I learned that she has an exceptional capacity for attention. Based on her comprehensive knowledge of the body, she made observations, comments, and suggestions that opened her students to new levels of awareness. Her spiritual energy transformed our yoga class into a journey which led toward expansion and evolution. Naomi is a pure spirit who lives her life mindfully, providing clarity and care for those around her. She is a continuing source of inspiration.  
  Gerri Marielle - writer - NYC, NY

I first came upon Naomi at a turbulent period in my life. Trying to adjust to being 60, juggling work and family commitments, and dealing with a bereavement. I took my first class with her and honestly, things seemed better and clearer right away. She is a remarkable teacher who imparts her wisdom and knowledge with great generosity and skill. If you have a chance to be taught by her, grab it!  
Linda Thompson - singer & songwriter UK

Naomi's caring and sincerity totally shines through no matter who she is working with. To me, this has her stand out and rank above any other yoga teacher that I have ever had.  She has brought much joy into my life.  
K.D.    Floral designer - Chatham, N.Y