"Fountain of Youth Exercises is a true delight to read not only because of the completely sound and happy portrayal of our ability to slow the aging process via use of breath and simple exercises, but also because of the masterful use of the English language in writing about these things!"

-Scott E. Miners  -  Well Being Journal


"This beautifully designed book will have great appeal for a population that is increasingly turning to alternative healing and wellness. Call combines Eastern practices like yoga and Do-In with wholesome diet guidelines and mental exercise, then streamlines it all into manageable fifteen-minute segments.

Easy entry points for beginners are provided and advanced information for seasoned practitioners. It’s a total package, body, mind, and spirit, for those who want to age gracefully and with radiant functionality."  

-Anna Jedrziewski,  New Age Retailer


Fountain of Youth Exercises showcases ancient wisdom & indigenous practices with contemporary practicality & SIMPLICITY.

Drawing upon the ancient wisdom of Tibetan monks, yoga practitioners, and indigenous people, this manual is an informative and inspiring guide for coaching readers to feel and look great. A combination of do-in—an ancient technique of self-massage that strengthens the chi and circulation and warms the body from the inside out—yoga poses, and breathing exercises, this program offers a simple approach that can be done in the comfort of your home.

An immediate understanding of how to breathe will help practitioners live in a more conscious and efficient way, and the poses will build confidence for a healthier, longer life. A well-researched study, this is an invaluable tool for nourishing an aging inner and outer radiance. Infused with radiant photographs, inspiring quotes and positive words to live by.

A perfect gift for yourself and those you love.

Available for purchase at Findhorn Press and Amazon.com


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